About me

Photo Jan Rottler


I am a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in organisational and environmental psychology.

Since 1998, I have been working independently with international organisations, governments, non-government organisations, women’s networks, companies, consultancies, and research institutions.

I develop, coach and facilitate processes that involve a multitude of different people, cultures and interest groups in the context of sustainable development, climate change, and gender issues.

This includes organizational and network development, partnership brokering, corporate strategy making, inter-governmental dialogues, training in process design and facilitation, advocacy, and evaluation.

I have a lot of experience with international policy making, facilitating, training, writing and presenting.  I most enjoy seeing people developing and fulfilling their potential; as well as working together and achieving common goals: sometimes in the conference rooms, often in the corridors, and mostly in the  cities and villages where sustainable development is becoming real, rather than being talked about.

I work developing new initiatives and supporting existing ones, learning from people, environments and experiences. I enjoy dialogue, reflection, and action.

My languages are English, German, and a bit of French.

Consulting and not-for-profit work
I work as Dr Minu Hemmati Consulting on short- or long-term assignments, engaging staff and assistance as necessary.

I also do non-for-profit work with the MSP Institute eV, an international charitable association based in Berlin, Germany.

Knowledge & Skills

Stakeholder Participation, Dialogue and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships. Wide experience with multi-stakeholder partnerships and participatory processes, including their design and facilitation, with excellent people skills across cultures and interests. Gained a leading role in the international discourse on and practice of multi-stakeholder processes.

Gender issues / Intergroup Relations. Social scientific expertise in intergroup relations, women’s / gender studies, networking, mentoring, people and environment interactions. Proven skills of translating empirical research into effective input for policy-makers.

Programme Development and Implementation. Proven ability to initiate and implement programmes, manage small and large scale activities within tight timelines, raise funds from a variety of donors, and maintain effective external relations.

Team Membership and Leadership. Wide experience as an effective, reliable team member in non-government, academic, and multi-stakeholder settings; accomplished as a leader of small and large teams of global and diverse membership.

Writing and Presenting. Accomplished as an author and speaker in a variety of settings.

Sustainable Development. Extensive knowledge of sustainable development issues and processes; wide experience with participating and taking leadership roles in relevant fora of governments, intergovernmental bodies, NGOs, and other stakeholders, representing multi-stakeholder partnership initiatives, NGOs, women’s organizations, governments.