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CatalySD S|C: Multi-stakeholder Engagement and Communication for the SDGs

Welcome to the website
of Minu Hemmati !

This site gives you some information about my work, background, and professional interests.
I am working as an independent advisor on:
  • sustainable development and climate change;
  • multi-stakeholder processes: dialogue and collaboration of stakeholders, governments, and intergovernmental bodies; engagement and participation in decision-making;
  • gender equity.
I am a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in organisational and environmental psychology.
After pursuing an academic career for 6+ years, my enthusiasm faded. I was fortunate to attend the UN Cities Summit in Istanbul (1996), which made me think about what I could contribute to sustainable development.
Since 1998, I have been working independently with international organisations, governments, non-government organisations, women’s networks, companies, consultancies, and research institutions.
I develop, coach and facilitate change initiatives that involve a multitude of different people, cultures and interest groups. Issues and contexts vary a lot - there's  organizational and network development, corporate strategy making, inter-governmental dialogues, training in process design and facilitation, evaluating sustainable development partnerships, and more.
I also work on gender and sustainable development issues, and on gender and climate change. Here it's mostly strategy & network development, and advocacy in the UN process on climate.
I have a lot of experience with international policy making, writing, facilitating, and training.  What I most enjoy is seeing people developing and fulfilling their potential, and achieving common goals: sometimes in the conference rooms, often in the corridors, and mostly in the  cities and villages where sustainable development is becoming real, rather than being talked about.

I love developing new initiatives, learning from people, environments and experiences.
I enjoy dialogue, reflection, and action.

My languages are English, German,
and a bit of French.

Feel free to contact me at minu(at)

For some of my art work, please visit: