Recent Process Design and Facilitation Work

I also take on facilitation work outside longer-term projects, and preferably when I can work with organizers and partners to design events, meetings and sessions that maximize participation and interaction, supporting learning and initiating collaboration, for example:

Nov 2017: Global Perspectives 2017 – the international CSO leaders’ forum in Mexico City, organised by the International Civil Society Centre.

June 2017: An international conference on Human Rights in Tourism, hosted  by the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism in Frankfurt, Germany.

May & June 2017: 2 evenings of a lecture series on the Transformation of Our World – The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, organized by Engagement Global, GIZ and partners in Berlin – focusing on German municipalities’ contributions to Agenda 2030 and on the linkages with Germany’s G20 presidency 2017 (in German).

A workshop at the German Development Ministry, with the Ministry and German development agencies GIZ, KfW, BGR, exploring future developments of German-Namibian development cooperation in the context of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs (March 17, 2017, in Bonn).

The 35th event of the series „Forschung triff Praxis“ (Research meets practice) at GIZ in Bonn, Jan 30, 2017, on Human Rights and Natural Resources – Risks and Opportunities / Menschenrechte im Rohstoffsektor – Risiken und Chancen (in German).

The kick-off workshop for Berlin’s strategy process on the SDGs, and the event presenting the implementation programme developed for Berlin’s development Policy Guidelines, in April 2016 and January 2017, respectively (in German: Umsetzungsempfehlungen Beirat Entwicklungszusammenarbeit 2016).

An internal workshop with the team and the board of the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) , on their external communication strategies, publications and events, in January 2017 in Bonn.

A session on sustainable supply chains in natural resources (Nachhaltige Lieferketten im Rohstoffsektor) at a 2016 conference aiming to initiate and support multi-stakeholder partnerships for the 2030 Development Agenda
(in German: MAP-Camp: Partnerschaften weiter denken).

Global Perspectives 2016 – the future of civic space, organized by the International Civil Society Centre and held at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin, Germany. Global Perspectives is an annual gathering of CEOs of leading global civil society organisations, and in 2016 addressed issues of shrinking civic space, aiming to initiate new alliances to defend and promote the development of civic space worldwide. I supported the design of the conference so as to enhance interaction, networking and alliance building.

A strategy workshop for Transparency International in September 2016, developing the global organisation’s strategy towards monitoring and implementing the SDGs, in particular Goal 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

An expert dialogue on African-European trade relations and regional integration, hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s regional East African office in Arusha, Tanzania, in September 2016. I helped design the meeting to increase participation and interaction among about 40 participants, who engaged intensively in open dialogue and exchange under the Chatham House Rule.

A special session on Climate Change and Urban Development at the German Habitat Forum in Berlin, June 2016, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.

A workshop on Understanding and Strengthening Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships – key highlights from the MSP Guide at the CDI Wageningen UR Conference: “Partnering for Success: How M&E can strengthen partnerships for sustainable development” (March 2016 Wageningen, NL) – co-facilitated with Herman Brouwer, lead author of the MSP Guide.

Climate Alliance: Teaming up for Change – How to master the local transition, International Annual Conference of the Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest Peoples, held in May 2014 in Luxembourg. I helped design the conference to be interactive and support exchange and networking, and facilitated the plenary sessions.
The Climate Alliance is the European network of local authorities committed to the protection of the world’s climate. Member cities and municipalities aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their source. Their allies in this endeavour are the Indigenous Peoples of the rainforests in the Amazon Basin.

G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation: a workshop series for winners. As a key action item on on the G20 Development Agenda, the Group of 20 had initiated a global search for businesses with innovative, scalable and commercially viable ways of working with low-income people in developing countries. adelphi’s Munich team designed a series of workshops for the 15 winners, beginning with the global kick-off workshop in Berlin, in September 2012, and continued with regional workshops in Asia (March 2013), Latin America (June 2013) and Africa (October 2013). I served as main facilitator of the workshop series.

VISION SUMMIT 2013 EduAction / Lernkultur Potenzialentfaltung, held at Urania, Berlin, in August 2013, focusing on how to transform our education system.

Workshop on Sustainable Development in Latin America, in January 2012 in Potsdam, Germany: The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies held a 2-day, high-level workshop as part of its dialogue project “Cultural Prerequisites for Sustainable Development – Latin American Experiences“. I worked with Institut EBUS, Hannover, to facilitate the meeting, which offered an intense process of reflection and dialogue among 25 leading researchers, politicians and intellectuals from Latin America and Europe.

Since 2004, I have been facilitating break-out sessions at the Annual Conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development every few years – on issues such as sustainable agriculture, ethics and values, Rio+20, and the Sustainable Development Goals.